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Harnessing emotional intelligence (EQ)

In a nutshell, emotional intelligence is strongly tied with decision making, career success, happiness, relationships and leadership. The highlight is that it is equally important to both professional and personal life.

Is it possible to raise the EQ? Yes, but it takes time, focus and dedication. This article contemplates concisely about raising EQ within an organizational leadership context.

EQ is a vast subject area. Below is just a summary of the steps you can take in order to fully realize your potential in EQ. 


understand yourself

  • Know what you’re feeling and when
  • Reflect on your values
  • Define your purpose
  • Assess your skills
  • Know your style of work
  • Find your leadership style

Explore yourself

  • Identify and label your emotions
  • Feel your emotions. Dive deep – cry if need
  • Convey your feelings to others

Manage yourself

  • Calming down yourself under stress
  • Patience always
  • Clearly define your triggers
  • Prioritize self-care and seek support when need


Understand others

  • Think about your coworkers and their major values
  • Discuss with them and verify or disapprove what you thought
  • Practice empathy actively
  • Learn to read emotions


Lead others

  • Contemplate on the psychological safety of the coworkers
  • Prioritise and engage in the best practices for teamworking
  • Have a clear and well-conversed process for conflict resolution
  • Be ahead of the organizational change curve
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Leadership is a practice. Not a position. Don’t wait for a leadership position.