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03 simple tips on Facing Unexpected Changes

Below depicts a 03 summarized and simple initiatives you can take to face changes successfully. The major change we face right now is the differences in every facet of our life brought about by Covid-19. The below points are valid for any situation whether global or relatively small scale. Embracing change is a skill that will take time and practice.


Inspect perspective

The initial step is to acknowledge it. Change is normal and happens to everyone. Take a step back and reflect on it. Find out why it has happened. Do not make any major decisions within 48 hours of the change. Although it is tempting to act fast, it takes time for emotions to subside. Making decisions in the most intense moments of emotions is always a bad idea. Seek counsel – you are not alone.


Work on the perspective

Crunch whatever the issue/change/problem into smaller parts. Do not look at the mountain, look at the first steps first. Think about past similar experiences but do not rely on it. Every change is unique in some way. Use the past as only a general reference point and build upon it with the new circumstances.


Build resilience

Embracing change is always about resilience. But the previous two steps are the prerequisites in building resilience with relative ease.

Everyone can build or horn resiliance. It starts by actively choosing to see things from a positive perspective. Although this is not possible every time and up to 100%, the act of actively trying to see the better side aids in decision making immensely. And over time it will turn in to a habit.

One major aspect of resilience is embracing your multiple identities. Everyone has multiple things/work/jobs they are good at. They just don’t know it because nobody looked hard enough. Think beyond your normal work, about other skills you have in a completely different dimension that you never thought before.