Cold Calling – Bitesize Tips

Let’s debunk a common myth regarding salespersons first. We don’t turn ”No” or ”Maybe” to yes. We are not tricksters. What we do is solve the problem of a client, or create a ”Want”. There is a stark difference between needs and wants. Even though it is one of the most basic concepts in business, a lot misinterpret them. Nobody can create needs (Thirst) But we can create wants i.e a milkshake.

Three Simple Tips


Smile and call


Before and at the beginning if possible. Prospects can feel it, and it is totally professional and infectious. Prospects will like it. Also, you will get a small dopamine boost as well.

More calls = More sales


There’s nothing around this eternal truth. Yes, it’s about the quality, the research you do about the prospect, etc.. But at the end of the day, If 10 calls make you 1 sale, then 20 calls should make you 2 sales. It’s simple as that.

Always ask W Questions?


People will not just give you information, especially when they aren’t expecting a call from you. You need to ask. Ask about anything.Ex – ”Right now I can’t buy it”. Ok, may I know WHY?. ”I simply dont have the money right now”.

Best And The Worst-Case Scenarios

cold calling - gayathra


  • They hang up on you ⇒ Go for a walk, shake it up and dial the next number.
  • They scream at you ⇒ You don’t know the state of mind they are in. They are having a bad day. Or not. Maybe they are simply a**holes. What’s important here is that it will be only 1% of the people you call.
  • They don’t need what you are selling ⇒ Good. 1 more name crossed off the list. Move on to the next one


  • They buy the product  ⇒ You made a sale out of thin air. If you haven’t called them, would they buy it? From anyone? NO. Congratulations That’s it. Forget the past hour or two you grind for nothing. In this 5 minutes, you made it happen ♥

Simple Techniques To Cope-Up With The Fear Of Cold Calling


1.  ”Eat That Frog”  –  By Brian Tracy


Imagine Eating A Frog Alive Early In The Morning. That Is The Absolute horrible thing you could do for the whole day. There’s nothing worse that’s gonna happen (Of course most likely). Call that one annoying client, one that you know for sure to reject you and your product. Once you call him/her, then every other call will be better than that. You have already faced the worst.


2.  “The Reason To Call”


You have a reason to call. You are doing your job. You need to do it. Is that all? Absolutely not. You need to believe from your heart that this product you are selling adds value to the prospect. It is for your own benefit. When you believe the worth of your product, there’s nothing to hide. Not even on a subconscious level. You can fight with your tooth and nail for that product. Because.. You believe in it. So.. What if you don’t? Then somehow you need to create that belief. Try the product. Do more research. Talk to the customers who use the product. Find out the values of it. There must be some tight? If not why would anyone buy it?


3.  ”Make It A Game”


Reward yourself with a bar of chocolate for every 10 calls you make. Go for a short run on Facebook / Instagram (The word ”Short” is emphasized). Ok, you want to watch that next Netflix episode? (You sure you didn’t binge-watched it? Who are you??). Watch it as a reward after making 20-30 calls.


4. ”It’s Not That Big Of A Deal”


Alright, this doesn’t sound like a technique, is it? Believe it or not, you are not the most important person for whoever you cold call. They have their own problems and their own lives. Whatever said and done, after the call they will not remember it. Of course, if you made a deal, then they will – Hopefully. But most of the time, they will just carry on with their lives. So you have nothing to worry/think/contemplate about afterwards. Nothing. If they won’t think about it, why would you? Just forget it and dial the next number.